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Install VMware VCSA using Mac OS X

November 6, 2016

There were a few gotchas involved so I wanted to write a quick post.

First I downloaded the VMware Client Integration Plug-in for Mac

After installing the Plug-in it appeared as though it was successful but both Firefox and Chrome browsers will report that it is not installed.  Once I followed the instructions in this KB Client Integration Plugin fails on Mac OSX 10.11.x (2144550) I was able to use the Plug-in.

Next I downloaded the latest VCSA .iso file from  The version  I used was VMware-VCSA-all-6.0.0-3634788

I then created a directory on my Desktop named ISO and copied the contents of the VCSA .iso to the new directory.


Finally, using a tip from William Lam, I modified the vcsa-setup.html file to check for the Mac OS X instead of Windows.

sed -i .bak ‘s/Win32/MacIntel/g’ vcsa-setup.html

Once finished I double-clicked on the vcsa-setup.html and began the installation.


Note: The installation didn’t appear to finish, it was stuck on the “Starting the vSphere Web Client” task for an extended amount of time.  The installation did complete successfully however.

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