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VCP5 BETA Exam Code VCP511

July 13, 2011

I received an e-mail from VMware today on July 13th, at 11:25AM  informing me that I have been identified as a qualified candidate for the VCP5 BETA Exam.  I mentioned the date and time because the BETA is only availble from July 12 – 24, 2010 and I received the invitation a day late.  The advantage of sitting the BETA exam is that it is offered at a 50% discount, which brings the cost down to $112.50.  The disadvantage is that the exam is four hours long.  My invitation is below:

Dear Todd,

You have been identified as a qualified candidate for the new VMware Certified Professional certification, VCP5, and are being invited to participate in the exam beta program.  This beta is open only to VCP4s who are also enrolled in the VMware vSphere 5 product beta program.

The beta exam will be available from July 12, 2011 through July 24, 2011.
You can register for this exam at: .
The Pearson VUE exam code for this beta exam is VCP511.

Please provide the following voucher code when registering: xxxxxxxxxx
(This is a unique, one-time use code, provided for your personal use only.  Please do not forward.  Unlike other voucher codes you may have used in the past, this code is not a discount code.  The beta exam registration process is already set to provide you with a discount of 50% off the regular exam fee.  The code is being used to authenticate you as an invitee.)

As this is a beta exam, please make note of the following important information:
– The exam is four hours in duration to allow you to comment on each item. Your comments are invaluable in improving the overall exam.
– Upon exam completion, you will receive a report documenting your participation.  (A score is not provided in this report.)
– Exam results will be finalized and you will receive your official score report approximately 8 weeks from the conclusion of the beta period. This score report will indicate whether or not you have passed the VCP5 exam.  (If successful, you will not need to take the non-beta VCP5 exam to qualify for the VCP5 certification.)
– The Exam Blueprint Guide and the Mock Exam can be found at:

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support of VMware.

Kind Regards,
The VMware Technical Certification Team

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